President Trump?

She is an experienced, professional, strong-willed, articulate, yet flawed candidate who at times lacks transparency (think: those emails) and can come across like an Ice Queen. He is an orange, elitist, entitled, islamophobic, sexist, xenophobic, race-baiter, prone to temper tantrums. He also has a gross sense of self-importance and sports stupid hair. On the scale of lesser evils, #imstillwithher

I try to remain apolitical because politics and sharing your political views can get very messy very fast. But this is my blog and I reserve the right to wax philosophical if I am so inclined. If you disagree, be kind in the comments or just move along. Cause you’re mature like that.

I have been thinking of the outcome of the US elections and how it weighs heavily on my heart. I’m shocked. I will ponder this for a while until it makes sense to me. I did not see this coming. It just seems hard to digest the fact that someone who is so inflammatory, offensive, divisive, angry and downright rude, could become the leader of the ‘free world’ (whatever that even means). Brexit should have taught me to expect anything.

So, America and the world braces for President Trump. Among many, there’s much cause for concern.  It is understandable. If the way he conducted himself during the campaign is indicative of how he’ll deal with matters of trade, security, and international relations, and if he persists with his exclusionary and poisonous rhetoric, I feel, each global citizen should be concerned. We should all be praying. Not just for Trump and America, but for all our leaders. We must ask that wisdom and grace be bestowed upon them in generous portions, for it is we, the people that reel from their decisions.


All democratic elections tell a story, no matter the outcome. And in this, the people spoke. Trump is their choice and this, I feel, is perhaps most telling. Why? Because he speaks for and represents the people who feel the ways he feels and always wanted to say and do the things he isn’t afraid to. He is their brave, vocal hero and their collective voice.

They came for Trump (or perhaps against Hilary) and they came hard. They spoke. What he calls locker room banter is how many of them feel about their right to access a woman’s body. His ridicule of a disabled reporter reflects what many secretly feel about the disabled and ‘others’.  If I harbor secret resentment to immigrants, Muslims, people of other races, women, I vote for the candidate who feels the same way. If I think folks are stealing my jobs and taking food from my plate and money from my pocket, I go with the guy who feels this way and has solutions for the things that concern me. If I like the leadership style of Putin and I think I need to wall off ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals’, I go with the guy who will get me my wall. And if I don’t have an issue with objectifying women or I have little or no respect for women and feel those I dislike or disagree with are nasty, fat, pigs, disgusting animals, and dogs, I go with the man who feels that way too. I align myself at the end of the day, with people who bear the same worldview as I do and I vote for the candidate who has the balls to be vocal about it.

Now I suppose you may argue that some of his supporters voted for him on his plan for the economy, to fight against ‘the establishment’ and some of the other reasons that seemingly progressive and forward thinking people have put forth in their defense. But what was the plan? Where is it? His responses were so vague, even in the debates that it was hard to think he was serious. He was evasive, combative and could not articulate a detailed plan, just some vague ideas. And you went for that but you could not see the blatant racism, sexism, fear-mongering and how he pandered to the worst of human instincts. Were your eyes closed or too busy looking for his elusive plan? You may also argue that Hilary fucked up with those emails and she is not trustworthy. And you may have a point. But if that is the yardstick you use to measure her inability to lead, but you don’t see everything else that makes him unqualified, you my friend have buried your head in the sand.

Hear me out – I am not a sore Hilary supporter or a Trump hater. Truth be told, Bernie was my man. When he got knocked out, I felt she was the next best bet. You see, all politicians leave much to be desired of and will hold traits and ideas that I may not endorse. But at the end of the day, I go for the man or the woman with a plan. I go for the one that will bring the country together and not create further division, I go for the one with a proven record and not flim-flam, regressive and antiquated ideas. I go for the candidate with will elicit respect around the world and not look like a buffoon, a laughing stock. And most of all, I look beyond party politics and who is running and I vote with conscience and heart, with a focus on the collective electorate and their concerns and the ideals I hold dear.

So Trump is in. Political correctness and decency be damned. He is America’s choice. He is the voice they always wanted but dared not be. I suppose it must be refreshing, liberating even, to have a public figure, running for office who isn’t afraid to express the hidden sentiments of much of the populace. A kindred spirit, a savior, almost. He is them and they are him. He is just their mouthpiece.

Not a full day in yet and minorities and Muslims are already being harassed. Don’t believe me? Go Google it yourself. A bigot is in office and these things will come with the territory. Talk about progress. Lord help us all.



Catharsis- that’s the word she would use to describe the sensation she got as she beat Hensley within an inch of his life. Not shame or guilt but catharsis. As he begged, pleaded and bawled for his life, she felt every ounce of shame, abuse and hurt seep out of her battered body and soul […]